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PDL-201 Replaces PDL-101 in General Photonics Lineup

General Photonics, a market leader in optical polarization measurement, announces its Gen2 PDL (Polarization Dependent Loss) Meter for laboratory or system use. According to General Photonics president, Dr. Steve Yao, “Our customers have asked for faster and more accurate measurements of PDL. We are confident the new PDL-201 meets that need.”

The PDL-201 uses a patented deterministic power search method compliant with TIA/EIA-455-198. This technique delivers wide operating range, high dynamic range and speed. The PDL-201 can accurately measure PDL and IL over a range of 0 to 45 dB. When used with a tunable laser, the PDL-201 can measure a device’s PDL and IL vs. wavelength. It is an accurate, low-cost solution for passive component characterization and QC during manufacturing. New features specifically designed for automated test equipment (ATE) systems include triggered measurement, an analog monitor voltage, more robust communication interfaces, and an SCPI-compliant command set.

Technical Specifications
The PDL-201 operates over a wavelength range of 1260 to 1650 nm. Its measurement speed is 30 ms, and it can accurately measure PDL or IL to within ±(0.01 + 5% of PDL or IL) dB over the full measurement range. The PDL-201 can be controlled either from the front panel or remotely via USB, Ethernet, RS-232 or GPIB interfaces. In addition, it has a user-configurable analog monitor voltage output to monitor PDL value.

Like all of the Gen2 instruments, it has an OLED graphic display, ergonomic keypad, and universal power supply.

Pricing and Availability
The PDL-201 is available for order now. Pricing begins under $8,000.

About General Photonics
Founded in 1995, General Photonics is an award-winning manufacturer of advanced optical polarization modules and instruments. The company holds numerous patents on photonic designs, and its staff has authored a number of published articles on polarization and delay control. Customers include research organizations, manufacturers of communication systems, aerospace companies and medical system manufacturers.
The company is privately held, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Southern California. A design, engineering and technical support center is located in Beijing, China. Sales worldwide are conducted through a network of distributors and representatives. More information can be found at the company’s website, www.generalphotonics.com.

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