412, 2017

Are you interested in characterizing Spun Fibers?

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For fiber optic current sensor (FOCS) application, it is important to get detailed information on the circular and residual linear birefringence of the spun fiber, which the current commercial spec sheets don’t offer directly.

General Photonics has upgraded PSGA-101 instrument with an algorithm which can simultaneously, for the first time, measure both the circular and the residual linear birefringences of a spun fiber – thanks to the high accuracy and repeatability of its patented binary polarization rotator-based technology.

With the PSGA-101 instrument we

3010, 2017

Miniature Variable Optical Delay Line (VDL-004)

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The VDL-004 has been designed specifically for OEM applications. This device offers continuous control with high precision, zero backlash, and good thermal stability. Convenient mounting brackets allow mounting in any orientation, as well as easy integration of multiple units on a base plate to form an array.

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