The OFE-001 is a fiber pigtailed compact optical incremental frequency encoder that can measure the instantaneous optical frequency change of tunable lasers or other light sources. This patent pending device provides two signals proportional to the sine and cosine functions of the optical frequency f[V1=V10sin(αf), V2=V20cos(αf)], similar to the function of sine/cosine encoders commonly used for motor control. By deploying the same interpretation algorithms used for motor angular measurement, this
small device is capable of achieving an optical frequency resolution down
to MHz scale with a theoretically Infinite frequency range. The device is
ideal for applications involving tunable or swept-frequency lasers, where it
can act as a k-clock for the fast Fourier transforms (FFT) of received
signals, which is necessary to obtain precise distance or depth information
in applications such as coherence LIDAR for autonomous vehicles, OFDR
based distributed measurement and sensing, and optical coherence
tomography (OCT). The device can also be used as an interrogator for
fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based sensor systems to obtain temperature,
strain, or acoustic information. Another important application is for precise
laser frequency control, such as linearizing the rate of laser frequency
tuning or simply stabilizing the laser frequency. ChirpRiteTM – a
breakthrough in dynamic optical frequency monitoring and analysis.