The OCA-1000 is a multi-channel optical component analyzer that simultaneously measures insertion loss (IL), polarization dependent loss (PDL), and optical power (P) on multiple optical paths. The measurement is based on the Mueller Matrix method, which offers fast characterization of wavelength dependent optical parameters that are critical in today’s optical communication systems. The base model can have up to 8 channels. Custom 8 or 16-channel expansion units can be added to increase the system capacity to up to 40 channels.

The instrument comes with a control program with built-in functions to display measured power, IL, and PDL vs. wavelength or to monitor the time variation of power/IL for all channels simultaneously to determine their stability. For AWG characterization, the data analysis software also calculates passband center wavelength, bandwidth, and flatness as well as interchannel crosstalk (from adjacent and nonadjacent channels).

The OCA-1000 is an ideal solution for easy, accurate characterization of components and modules with multiple outputs, including DWDMs, ROADMs, AWGs and PLCs. It can be used with various tunable lasers, such as those from Keysight or Santec. This flexibility makes full use of existing laser resources and reduces the cost of making such measurements. Its rapid measurement reduces the time required to characterize devices with large numbers of ports, enabling higher production throughput.