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POS-202/3/4 Offer More Versatility for Different Applications

General Photonics, a market leader in optical polarization measurement, announces its Gen2 polarization stabilizers. According to General Photonics president Dr. Steve Yao, “Stabilizing the SOP (state of polarization) in fiber is critical for applications ranging from coherent receiver testing to fiber amplifier output stabilization.”

The Gen2 stabilizers represent a significant advance with respect to the Gen1 instruments. Unlike the Gen1 stabilizers, which had predetermined control parameters, the Gen2 stabilizers have front panel displays and control panels that allow the user to optimize control parameters to suit the needs of different applications. In addition to optical feedback, the new stabilizers have an electrical feedback port to allow greater flexibility and user control. Three different models are available to accommodate different setups and feedback mechanisms.

The POS-202 is a two port instrument that automatically stabilizes an input signal to an internal reference state of polarization.

The POS-203 is a three port instrument that allows the user to place his own devices in the optical path and stabilize the output using either an optical or electrical feedback signal.

The POS-204 is a four port instrument that provides even more flexibility to the user by allowing independent connections to the polarization controller and polarization monitor submodules.

In addition to the new features, the Gen2 stabilizers offer significant performance improvements over the old models. They are more than twice as fast and have much better noise performance. New features specifically designed for automated test equipment (ATE) systems include more robust communication interfaces and an SCPI-compliant command set.

Technical Specifications
The General Photonics POS Series covers 1310 or 1550±50nm wavelength ranges for devices with PM outputs or 1260-1650nm for SM output versions. The stabilizers have a recovery time of 2 ms and a tracking speed of 32 π/s. Power sensitivity is −30 dBm. Parametric control of operation includes adjustable step size, threshold, AD average, and loop delay. The POS instruments can be fully controlled from the front panel or from one of 4 remote control interfaces.

Like all Gen2 instruments, the stabilizers have an OLED graphic display, ergonomic keypad, and universal power supply.

About General Photonics
Founded in 1995, General Photonics is an award-winning manufacturer of advanced optical polarization modules and instruments. The company holds numerous patents on photonic designs, and its staff has authored a number of published articles on polarization and delay control. Customers include research organizations, manufacturers of communication systems, aerospace companies and medical system manufacturers.
The company is privately held, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Southern California. A design, engineering and technical support center is located in Beijing, China. Sales worldwide are conducted through a network of distributors and representatives. More information can be found at the company’s website, www.generalphotonics.com.

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