Available Summer 2018

The OTS-1000 incorporates the latest techniques for analyzing laser radiation passing through translucent material to offer high resolution, fast, quantitative non-destructive testing of plastics and fiberglass composites. The OTS uses lasers to radiate samples under test, then processes the transmitted power data to produce images and useful statistics such as number of deliminations, size of voids, contaminants and filler distribution. By comparison to legacy systems based on ultrasonic, X-ray or thermal imaging, the OTS is less than half the cost, easier to use and uses less than 200 watt.

Hardware platforms with operating systems (see video below) will be available for sale in June 2018. Researchers will find the basic OTS products useful for analysis and application development. By year end a variety of application programs will allow the OTS to be used by technicians for specialized non-destructive testing.

Composite Scanner (OTS-1000) in operation showing scanning table, light source and detector.