The OFDR-1000A is a Polarization Analyzing Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometer (PA-OFDR) operating over the C and L bands. Unlike other OFDRs on the market, this instrument can perform a full polarization analysis to obtain all 16 Mueller matrix elements. It provides absolute, high resolution, temperature independent, space-resolved measurement of both birefringence (transverse stress) and reflection along an optical path that can contain multiple optical elements and interfaces as well as optical fiber.

The transverse stress in fiber caused by bending or other physical aberrations causes variations in birefringence that can be spatially resolved by the OFDR-1000 to within 2mm. This enables detection of tight bends in fiber that can affect fiber lifetime, even in bend insensitive fiber, in which tight bends do not cause significant changes in loss or reflection.

In addition to analyzing fiber systems, the OFDR-1000 can provide a detailed analysis of the reflections and birefringence in the optical path inside an optical component or photonic integrated circuit (PIC). This enables detection of excess stress in waveguide structures, as well as verification of reflectivity at every interface.

The OFDR-1000A can be used with various tunable lasers, such as those from Keysight, Newport, Yenista, or Santec. This flexibility offers the user the opportunity to make full use of his laser resources and reduce the cost of making OFDR measurements.

video OFDR-1000A Demonstration Video (with Agilent laser)

video OFDR-1000A Demonstration Video (with Santec and Yenista lasers)