The PXA-1000 Distributed Polarization Crosstalk (X-Talk) Analyzer is an enhanced white light interferometer that measures space-resolved stress by analyzing stress-induced polarization cross-coupling along a length of polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. The patented design eliminates strong zero-order interference and reduces the multi-coupling interference common in traditional white light interferometers, both of which can cause “ghost” peaks in the measured signal. The removal of the “ghost” peaks enables the PXA-1000 to unambiguously identify the magnitudes and locations of actual x-talk peaks, resulting in higher measurement sensitivity, higher dynamic range, and higher spatial measurement accuracy.

It locates imperfections or areas of local stress inside PM fiber coils including any stress from the winding process. The instrument can also completely characterize PM fiber (refer to the Application Note).

The PXA-1000 comes with a notebook computer and PolaXView™ software.

video  PXA-1000 Demonstration Video