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POD-201 Speeds Up Polarization Analysis
General Photonics, a market leader in optical polarization measurement, announced a new polarimeter for laboratory and system use. According to General Photonics president Dr. Steve Yao, “This new instrument has the speed, the range and the accuracy to deserve the premiere place in the growing market for polarization instrumentation.”

The POD-201 is available in multiple configurations for maximum flexibility:
The POD-201-I is a two-port in-line polarimeter that can monitor signal SOP without interrupting the signal. This Gen2 version of the popular POD-101D maintains that instrument’s low loss (<1.2 dB) while increasing the dynamic range to 45 dB and the maximum sampling rate to 2.0MSamples/s. The POD-201-T is a one-port fiber-coupled polarimeter that combines the speed and accuracy of the POD-201 series with increased power sensitivity.
A one-port, remote head version that can take free-space inputs is also available.

The POD-201 completes General Photonics’ lineup of Gen2 instruments. Polarization researchers now have a complete polarization toolkit at their fingertips.

Technical Specifications
The POD-201 operates between 1480-1620 or 1280-1340 nm. It samples at rates up to 2.0 MSamples/s and has an SOP uncertainty of ±0.25°. The PolaView™ data display and analysis software allows real time graphical representation of data on a Poincaré sphere or on a virtual oscilloscope, as well as data collection to a file.

In addition, this Gen2 polarimeter adds an OLED graphic display and ergonomic keypad for front panel control and simple data display for applications that do not require the Poincaré sphere. Like the other Gen2 instruments, the POD-201 has a universal power supply.

Pricing and Availability
The POD-201 will be demonstrated at the Photonics West Exhibition Feb. 4-6 and is available for delivery in 8-10 weeks. Pricing begins under $10,000. About General Photonics Founded in 1995, General Photonics is an award-winning manufacturer of advanced optical polarization modules and instruments. The company holds numerous patents on photonic designs, and its staff has authored a number of published articles on polarization and delay control. Customers include research organizations, manufacturers of communication systems, aerospace companies and medical system manufacturers.

The company is privately held, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Southern California. A design, engineering and technical support center is located in Beijing, China. Sales worldwide are conducted through a network of distributors and representatives. More information can be found at the company’s website.

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